Thursday, August 31, 2006

Laundry Musings

Have you ever noticed that when you decided to actually DO laundry, a whole lot of things happen? Laundry seems simple enough, until you actually have the time and inclination to "do it". 1. Ever notice that panyhose end up in the load, and ALWAYS gets wrapped around other items? It's a great training tool for unraveling Christmas lights. 2. More expensive towels end up "shedding", just like the less expensive ones. Of course, the sheddings always end up on other items, stuck like the dryer used Super Glue, and have to picked off one by one. 3. A cat will always decide to curl up on the load you are planning to throw in the washing machine next, and is always the same feline who wants to help type. 4. There's always something your husband "forgot" to put in the basket. 5. No matter how much technology has "improved" our lives, there still isn't a washer and dryer combination that: a) gathers up all the dirty clothes b) puts them in the washing machine, adds detergent, turns itself on c) transfer clothes to the dryer d) folds and puts away clean clothes We can only hope that some day..... I'm all for wearing something once or twice, and buying new! :)