Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Army Sucking Up To Moonbats

Since when does the U.S. military take orders from a bunch of whining wieners! You have NO idea how angry this makes me. Army to Use Geneva Rules for Detainees
Bowing to critics of its tough interrogation policies, the Pentagon is issuing a new Army field manual that provides Geneva Convention protections for all detainees and eliminates a secret list of interrogation tactics.
The Army, which is suppose to be a strong defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is kowtowing to a bunch of left wing moonbats. Evidently, it's more important to be "nice" than to get information that could save American lives.
After the abuse of detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison came to light in 2004, some Defense Department lawyers pushed to incorporate the protections of Common Article 3 into the field manual. But senior political appointees argued that doing so would tie the hands of U.S. troops by outlawing long periods of confinement or allowing detainees to accuse the military of "humiliating or degrading treatment," which is banned by the provision.
Poor babies! The image and sounds of Nicholas Berg remain in my mind. I have no sympathy for someone wearing a pair of drawers on his head. At least the detainee still HAS his head.
The manual's guidelines will apply to all prisoners held in Defense Department facilities and to all interrogators working there. Under the McCain amendment, the protections also will apply to CIA prisoners held in Defense Department prisons or bases. They will not apply to CIA interrogators working in prisons run by other countries, although under the McCain amendment, those prisoners must be treated humanely and cannot be tortured.
What are they thinking? How can singing Kumbaya with a murdering animal do our nation a bit of good? Do I want to see thumbscrews brought back? Well, not necessarily, but if it would save lives, I'd have no problem. As the President reminded the nation yesterday, America is at war. I find it amazing on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, anyone would even need to be reminded, but it seems there are many who have extremely short attention spans. If 5 years is too long ago, try remembering Bali (2002, 2005), Madrid, London, and the countless other attacks around the world.