Friday, September 29, 2006

Political ads on TV are getting worse

If you stop and think about it, this guy is right. Political ads are pretty bad, but I don't think they are any worse than what they were when I was a young sprout, it's the medium that's changed. In this world of instant information (or gratification if you want to look at it from that direction), we are bombarded from all sides by ads hitting on corruption and scandal.
Am I the only one who winces when election years come and the political advertisements air on television? It seems the advertisements get worse each time. I listen and watch each one once. When I notice a repeat, I hit the remote. Sometimes, they appear to be endless. There is far too much money spent in trying to persuade the voters. In this letter, I'll stick with the race for governor. It seems that both major party candidates for governor have accepted money from questionable sources. Yet they try to label the other guy a crook. In general, both may be nice guys, at heart. However, when half-truths, lies and distortion are used in their behalf, as they campaign for office, what can the public expect when they are in office? I believe that they would take money from the devil if it would get them into office. In the manner they have acted, they have. When those questionable sources give money, is anything expected back? In the past few years, there have been leaders from both major political parties serving time because of abuse of power. Instead of serving the public, it has become self-serve for some politicians and the parties. My question is: Why do we accept those negative political advertisements and those questionable sources giving to our public servants? Is not the will of the people stronger than the dens of iniquity in Madison? They promise reform, but leave loopholes in the law. After an election, we all have mud on us. Somehow, there doesn't seem to have a moral base. There should be a public outcry on these practices led by the media and clergy. George R. Wagner Fond du Lac
As long as the ad projects the absolute truth, I don't think there's anything wrong with a little "negativity". However, when ads are out and out lies, and I KNOW they are lies, as should those who are producing them, I have a real problem. Should they be yanked? Well, with our 1st Amendment, I'd say no, they shouldn't, but there should be oversight on the part of the election board, or someone who deals with reality. Oh, wait a minute... that's not Wisconsin's election board. Reality doesn't come into play with any body with folks appointed by the Doyle administration.... never mind!