Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Soldier’s Open Letter To Congress And President Bush’s Staff

The Administration has created a Military Tribunal Plan that has widespread support within the Uniformed Military currently engaged in the Global War on Terror. Those in uniform, particularly the Combat Arms Field Grade ranks, are keenly following this subject. It is the “morning topic” in SW Asia, we are extremely aware and understand the stakes. The House of Representatives is rightly acting upon that plan. Many “Oak Leafs” applaud our friends in the House. We will not forget them on November 7, 2006. If Senators Warner, McCain, and Grahem alligned with Democrats continue to obstruct this well thought out plan that has the support of those Officers currently serving in the Global War on Terror it is up to both the House and the President to use all of it’s tools to win this battle for the troops. Yes, this is a battle for the troops. John McCain, in particular, because he was a Prisoner of War in SE Asia, is not capable to offer an objective analysis on this subject. If legislation was “being created by a jury”, he would have been rightly removed from the juror pool. It is incumbent on both the House and the Administration to move the “tribunal battle” from Washington to the many military posts around the United States and the globe. The Administration plan will be enthusiastically welcomed by troops in the field and the Senate will be embarrassed by what a minority of the majority has just approved to send to the Senate Floor. In the manner that immigration field hearings were conducted, I urge the House to conduct field hearings at places like Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Stewart, and the Navy War College. I urge the President to go on a speaking tour touting the Administration plan at Ft. Drum, the US Army Command and General Staff College and in SW Asia. Put the two plans side by side and ask the Captains, Majors and Colonels what is the best option to protect the security of the Nation because that is what American Citizens ultimately want to know. The American People have a right, through the Congress, to “ask” those in Uniform which plan best guarantees the safety of their family and the Nation. Let us speak, I already know the answer that you will receive, it will shame the Senate and it will enlighten the Public. From Stop the ACLU