Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I saw these two opinion pieces a few days ago, but got distracted and forgot to throw my 2 cents worth in on them. Then of course, having two different computers from which I'll spout from time to time, I get confused where I left what. The topic: the upcoming referendum on the death penalty. First, we have Kathleen Falk, Democrat candidate for Attorney General. Bring back the death penalty? No: It's troublesome and doesn't work Really? It's troublesome? BANG! You're dead, no fuss, no muss! It doesn't work? I'd say it does one hell of a job to keep that person from ever killing another human being again, wouldn't you? True, some of the murderous scum will die in prison, supported by the taxpayers, YOU AND ME! But occasionally, they convince a parole board they are "rehabilitated" and they get let out, to kill again.
First, the death penalty does not deter heinous crimes. Studies have shown the death penalty simply does not prevent crime.
Sure it does. See above!
Second, it is an extremely expensive process involving endless amounts of litigation and appeals. In this time of scant resources, we need to spend our dollars getting dangerous people off the streets and putting them behind bars, not on lawyers and appeals.
Maximum - 2 appeals, 2 years. Of course the way it stands now, they are appealing the sentences for 18, 20, 22 years. First, change the appeals process! Then zap 'em!
Additionally, reports indicate that the death penalty disproportionately affects people of color - more than 40% of those sentenced to die are African-Americans, while African-Americans account for only 12% of the population.
I really hate to state the obvious here, but I will anyway, and you can call me all the names you want, but if more African Americans (I hate hyphens) are killing more people, then wouldn't it stand to reason that more African Americans (grrrrr) are being sentenced to death? There's a DUH for ya!
Gang members are younger, more violent; more and more of them are girls, and they are funded by drugs.
Perhaps a few zappings of these "misunderstood" youngsters would make those joining the gangs think twice about "putting a cap" in anyone's ass. As it stands now, they are getting younger because the law doesn't actually PUNISH them. Now we come to J.B. Van Hollen, the Republican candidate for Attorney General. Bring back the death penalty? Yes: It's an option for heinous crimes It should have always been an option, IMHO.
I believe we should give prosecutors the option of seeking the death penalty in cases where there is DNA evidence to prove guilt.
With advancements in DNA technology, it's getting more difficult for the bad guys to commit crimes. It might take a while, but eventually, most will be brought to justice.
While it is true that we all face the ultimate judge after our demise, during our time on this Earth, it is up to society to mete out justice. The death penalty is the ultimate form of justice for the most heinous murders.
Think about what you'd like to do to someone who rapes and murders a child! Do you really want to pay for his/her food, clothing, housing, medical and dental care for the rest of their natural lives? Or would it be more prudent to .... well, I can think of a few personal favorite methods... but let's say gas, or electrocute, or "put to sleep" that sort of animal?
I believe when DNA evidence supports a jury's verdict and when the crime involves murder of law enforcement, multiple homicides, or sexual assault and torture, the death penalty should be an option.
The DNA would remove any "reasonable doubt". Having the option of the death penalty might make some criminals think twice before pulling the trigger, wielding the knife, or whatever brand of murder they prefer to engage. Guess how I'm going to vote on this matter, and which candidate I'm supporting!