Thursday, October 19, 2006

Christians Attacked

More tolerance and love from "the religion of peace". Muslims Attack Christians in Henno, Ethiopia
The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has just been informed that on July 20, 7 Muslim leaders (clerics) brutally attacked 50 or more Christians in Henno, Ethiopia. This latest attack is just one example of the increasing violence against Christians in Ethiopia. In fact, Islamic leaders are urging Muslims in the area to kill full-time Christian evangelists. The situation has reached such intensity that Christian leaders are in fear and moving in pairs to ward off attacks. Local Muslim authorities failed to take action against the Muslim attackers.
Since this sort of thing isn't isolated, I can't understand how anyone can believe that this isn't a war of religions.
"H" was beaten badly, receiving five deep wounds to his head. Because he was beaten with an iron rod, he was also missing teeth. He suffered deep lacerations to his legs, where several ligaments protruded from the skin. "H's" daughter-in-law was pregnant at the time but lost her baby because she was also severely beaten.
Will the feminists ever get outraged over a pregnant Christian being beaten so bad a child was murdered? No, because it's not really a baby in their eyes, and it was only a Christian.
The Christians reported the riot to the district government administrative office, which took no legal action. Instead, the officers warned Christians not to worship in a region that is predominately Muslim. It is important to note that all officers who heard the case were in fact Muslim. The case was then taken to a higher police authority. The police responded by arresting 26 gang members. However, they were released quickly because tribal elders appealed to the government.
No surprise. Tolerance isn't one of the virtues practiced by a large number of Muslims, contrary to what we keep hearing.
In the following weeks, many Muslims denounced the actions taken against the Christians. To express their disgust, Muslims refused to go to Mosques. In fact, forty-seven key leaders became Christians and renounced Islam stating, "If Islam means killing innocent brothers and sisters -- we do not want to follow it!"
This is an encouraging turn, but unless they stop such attacks BEFORE they occurred, all the talk afterwards is just that, just talk. Related story: Somali Islamists declare : "we will slaughter Christians" - "Somalis are 100% Muslim and will always remain so"
MIM: How ironic that Somali taxi drivers at the Minnesota airport attempting to implement shari'a law by not picking up non Muslim passengers carrying alchohol complained that their "religious rights have to be respected". Over the years groups of Somali workers have been filing lawsuits against employers for discrimination after they were not granted permission to pray 5 times a day on company time. More egregious still - Somali Muslims who were resettled in the United States to escape the strife in their home country are sending millions back to the warlords to perpetuate the violence. The government is also comprised of Islamists who believe in equal opportunity murder, and recently executed a citizen for a cell phone dispute to make it clear that shari'a law was to be enforced.
Nice folks, eh?