Monday, October 16, 2006

A Few Items.....

.....worth your time. Minutemen or the Mullahman On America's Campuses, the Shiite's Hit the Fan
Gilchrist and his fellow Minuteman Marvin Stewart, who had been able to get a few words in edgewise before the riot began, were escorted offstage. The question-and-answer session planned for after the speeches, of course, did not occur. There was no debate. There was no reasoned argument. There was only a thuggish, petulant, childish shout-down of opposing viewpoints by the alleged intellectual lights, the eminently tolerant, the vaunted Ivy-Leaguers, of my generation.
Why Muslim Immigration is a Threat to Western Democracy
In his acknowledgments, Bostom expresses the wish that his own children and their children may "“thrive in a world where the devastating institution of jihad has been acknowledged, renounced, dismantled, and relegated forever to the dustbin of history by Muslims themselves."”
A 'sin' of Big Labor
In 2000, then-Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire, a Democrat, filed a lawsuit against the WEA in state court, which ruled in her favor. Later, the Washington Supreme Court overturned the lower court's decision, declaring the affirmative-consent requirement to be unconstitutional because it imposed an "extremely costly" burden on the political activities of the WEA and violated the union's First Amendment rights of free speech and association. How strange: The WEA extracts from agency fees from nonmembers in excess of collective-bargaining costs; the WEA then spends the difference on political activities that many nonmembers oppose; and the Washington Supreme Court asserts that it is the free-speech rights of the union that are violated by the prior-consent requirement.
Leonard Pitts: Pardon their IQs
Today, we're going to administer an IQ test. One question only. Here's the scenario. Let's say you get hurt at home. Let's say you cut off a favorite appendage with a hedge clipper or fall victim to the old step-on-a-rake gag. Let's say you have chest pains, stomach cramps, bruises, contusions and lacerations. Let's say your forehead is hotter than Eva Longoria in August. In Phoenix. In a bikini. A really small bikini. Fresh from the pool, her skin moist and giving you that pouty, saucy look the way she does, and ... and ... I'm sorry, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. You fall ill at home. What would do you do? Did you say, get to the emergency room immediately? Oooh, sorry. Wrong answer.
(ummmm.... who is Eva Longoria?)