Friday, October 06, 2006

A Letter to the Distorter

I don't read the Fond du Lac Reporter for it's intelligent and unbiased news coverage. (read sarcasm) No, I generally read the editorials and letters to the editor first, and then check out the headlines. This little gem got my attention this morning:
Lies, repeated often, are believed Too many people watch Fox "news" and are misled. Over half of Americans believe weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq and Saddam had a direct hand in 9/11. Repetition is a propaganda tool used to mislead Americans to further Fox's political agenda. Fox knows: Say a lie enough times and people believe it. America in 2006 has some similarities to Germany in 1940. The world was upset because Germany had invaded and occupied Poland. Germany wanted Poland's grain and farming industry. Germany had a strong, military-industrial complex. Germany produced messerschmits, mausers and other war materials. They used the "Blitzkrieg," lightning-fast aerial strikes and a quick invasion. They believed in torture, had an infamous leader, propaganda machine and a crazy, cruel political party. Here are three clues: Halliburton, "shock and awe," oil industry. Fill in the rest of the blanks. Daniel Holzman Baraboo
First off, the fact this guy lives in Baraboo tells me it's an "organizational" letter (Dems, more than likely). Candidates do this to get the word out in all areas, so I recognize the method. :) Second, this guy is assuming that we only watch Fox News and listen to the Rush Limbaugh/Charlie Sykes type radio. You know what they say about assuming..... :) I guess I'm like most people who actually do watch Fox and listen to talk radio, I ALSO watch C-SPAN, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC. I listen to Alan Colmes when he comes in with a strong signal as well. I also listen to classic rock, classical, country and oldies. We also get our information from the internet, newspapers and we actually LISTEN to people with varying opinions. Unlike the leftist moonbats (redundant), we really DO have open minds. Third, there were WMDs found in Iraq. Of course, the MSM didn't cover this much, so this guy obviously missed that little tidbit. And I don't know one single person who believes Iraq had anything to do with the attacks on 9/11. Comparing the United States of America with Nazi Germany is a tactic that the lefties love, but totally inaccurate. So, in conclusion, I'd say Mr. Holzman is just as clueless as many of his party. WE evidently are a LOT more informed than he and his cronies.