Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Backbone Needed

Everyone has an opinion on the immigration/ILLEGAL immigration issue. Either you think there should be no borders, or we should give amnesty to all those who broke the law when they entered this country without permission, or you think they should all be departed, or arrested or whatever. Where you come down on the argument, everyone knows there a problem, and "somebody should do something". The problem is, when someone does make the effort to enforce laws, or create stronger ones, there is someone shouting "racist" or "bigot", or some other words I don't care to repeat. No where is the illegal alien problem more noticeable than in the border states, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. If you're lucky, you can see a billboard or two that's actually in English in some areas. The Dallas Morning News editorial board seems to be one of those organizations that doesn't understand why any town councilman would want to make it against the law to rent to illegals. Farmers Branch is a suburb of Dallas (my oldest granddaughter was born there) and one of their councilmen wants to do just that. Tim O'Hare is the councilman who want to crack down on illegals, those who hire them, those who rent to them and no official city document would be printed in Spanish. So what's the problem? I find it extremely difficult to understand why people are all up in arms over wanting to enforce the law.