Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Nearly a year after Hurricane Katrina, the President is still causing problems in New Orleans. (sarcasm inserted all mine) The "Chocolate City" mayor, Ray Nagin, is complaining about the slow pace of rebuilding the city. Odd, that the only thing we hear about is NO, don't you think? There was complete devastation in a large area of the Gulf Coast, yet, all focus is on the one city with no momentum, and it's anybody else's fault but their own. The money is there, not just from the federal government, but from the generosity of the American people, who have been supporting the displaced population. We've heard the stories about other cities offering, homes (in Colorado), job training and the transportation (cities in Texas), yet no one accepted the generous offers. Instead, there are many who are living off the generosity of the citizens of many other cities around the country, and creating the same sort of trouble they caused in their home town. The crime rate in Houston has doubled due, in great part, to the influx of "refugees".
The city has received a $120 million federal community disaster loan and $100 million to reimburse some infrastructure costs, but no aid to provide ongoing, essential services, Nagin said.
A government (at any level) bureaucracy is probably the worst possible entity to put in charge to get anything done. Where are the billions? AG Gonzales is sending in 10 lawyers to help prevent fraud. Ok, snickering is allowed. Just what they need, lawyers. How about sending in some construction workers, bull dozers, plumbers, etc.? There's a possibility of Nagin running for a "higher" office, if he sees the need. Great, just what this country needs, another incompetent "serving the people".