Saturday, August 26, 2006

Moonbattery in the MSM

The Boston Globe is about as far left of reality as you can get without being the New York Times as evidenced by this op-ed: The Cheney presidency By Robert Kuttner
GEORGE W. BUSH has been faulted in some quarters for taking an extended vacation while the Middle East festers. It doesn't much matter; the man running the country is Vice President Dick Cheney. When historians look back on the multiple assaults on our constitutional system of government in this era, Cheney's unprecedented role will come in for overdue notice. Cheney's shotgun mishap, when he accidentally sprayed his host with birdshot, has gotten more media attention than has his control of the government.
I think the left is obsessed with the idea that the President isn't in charge. The Middle East isn't festering due to anything Bush has, or has not done. It's been doing that for a long, LONG, time. Obviously, this guy doesn't have a clue! It wasn't his "host" he "accidentally sprayed" with birdshot. It was a guest, Harry Thittington. The "host" was actually a "hostess", Katharine Armstrong, owner of the ranch where they were hunting quail.
When George W. Bush narrowly defeated John Kerry in 2004, many commentators observed that Bush was the fellow with whom you would rather have a beer. It's an accurate and unflattering comment on the American electorate -- but then who wants to have a beer with Cheney? The public may not know the details of his operation, but voters intuitively recoil from him.
Oh, I don't know about that. I don't drink, but if I did, I wouldn't mind having a beer with Cheney. I'd love to pick his brain on a number of subjects.
If Cheney were the actual president, not just the de facto one, he simply could not govern with the same set of policies and approval ratings of 20 percent. The media focuses relentless attention on the president, on the premise that he is actually the chief executive. But for all intents and purposes, Cheney is chief, and Bush is more in the ceremonial role of the queen of England.
What a crock! Again, this obsession. It must be the northeast Yankee mindset that anyone from Texas can't possibly run the show, we're all just too stupid.