Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mother Moonbat's Fading Fame

The folks in Crawford, Texas aren't all that impressed that Cindy Sheehan "lives" in their community. Since Sheehan has been recovering from surgery, and she hasn't been the focus of a media frenzy, no one is much concerned where she is. I'm sorry she had to have the surgery...been there, done that, and let me tell ya, it's no fun. But since there's have been some serious medical advancements, I doubt she'll have a long recovery time. Cindy Sheehan not the media draw she once was
The Cindy Sheehan staying near here this weekend does not command the same attention or sympathy as the one who arrived near President Bush’s ranch as a furious, grieving stranger more than a year ago. But even as fading fame, partisan criticism and growing nationwide concern about the Iraq war have contributed to make the Vacaville, Calif., “peace mom” a far less relevant figure, the importance of her first Crawford visit still lingers. Her call for quick withdrawal represented a radical view that no prominent politician was endorsing. Thirteen months later, it is a serious Senate campaign platform in Connecticut and Virginia. Calls for withdrawal are now raised often by editorial page writers, politicians and even former military leaders. All of which has left Sheehan herself more marginalized. “She is a little bit less of a player now,” said Bruce Buchanan, a political science professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
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