Monday, August 28, 2006

Partial List

AirTran pilot among Comair victims
But one of the victims was a pilot for AirTran Airways who was traveling to the carrier's hub at the Atlanta airport. AirTran said Clarence W. Fortney II, 34, was scheduled to fly as co-pilot on one of the discount airline's Boeing 717s later that morning. Fortney, of Stanton, Ky., was hitching a free ride on Comair to get to work, but was riding in the passenger cabin rather than a so-called "jump seat" in the cockpit, according to AirTran. "It's a sad situation," said Klaus Goersch, AirTran's vice president of flight operations. "He had a son a little over a year old." Goersch said Fortney was hired a little over a year ago. "My understanding is he's been a great employee," he said.
This young man was Steve's (Hog on Ice) cousin in law.