Saturday, September 30, 2006

American Homes have more TV’s than People

Nielsen Media Research found that, on average, there are 2.7 TV sets in a typical home and only 2.5 people. Laurie Shaw says, between her and her husband, they own three TV’s – one downstairs and two upstairs. “When we blended in holy matrimony we ended up with too many TV’s, and as wedding present we bought our third TV. We haven’t really figured out what to do with all of our TV’s.” Laurie hopes to scale back on the sets someday, but in the meantime, the average American, like Laurie has more TV’s than they know what to do with. Steven Isaac with Plugged-In Magazine says we’re a culture that demands entertainment. “We’re a culture that hates to be bored and we’re teaching our kids that they shouldn’t ever have to be bored.” Whether it’s on a flat screen or a widescreen, Melissa Caldwell with the Parents Television Council says too much TV has negative effects on our kids. “Kids who spend a lot of time watching TV are more likely to have obesity problems, they are more likely to have problems in school, short attention spans and the rest.” Isaac says turn off your TV for a moment and think. “I think that families should try their best to get a hold of this thing and, if that means reducing the number of TV’s in their house so that they have more people than TV’s, that’s a good place to start.” Between the extra TV’s, the average American watches four and half hours of television a day.
Well, there's 2 humans, 2 cats, and only 1 television. However, that 4 1/2 hours business....well, it's background noise for the majority of the day, along with the radio. :)