Friday, September 29, 2006

Mars and Pluto Climates Warming, Al Gore Scours for Extraterrestrial SUVs

Mars and Pluto are undergoing their own periods of global warming, according to multiple scientific studies. This has important implications for our own planet, and for Al Gore and liberal environmentalists as well. On Mars, NASA and the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory report a prolonged period of surface warming, and the Martian icecap is steadily receding. According to scientists, "the fact that it is changing suggests that Mars may have major, global climate changes that are occurring on the same time scales as Earth's most recent climate shifts, including the last Ice Age." (emphasis added) Pluto is undergoing a similar period of global warming, scientists report. According to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology release, "Pluto is undergoing global warming, as evidenced by a three-fold increase in the planet's atmospheric pressure during the past 14 years, a team of astronomers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Williams College, the University of Hawaii, Lowell Observatory and Cornell University announced." Of course, this is devastating news for global-warming hysterics here on Planet Earth. After all, efforts to locate Martian or Plutonian SUVs, oil conglomerates, neoconservatives, cattle or internal-combustion engines in order to attribute blame have failed so far. Not to be deterred, however, Al Gore has reportedly occupied the Lowell Observatory, pacing the floors and bellowing in his trademark manner, "keep searching – if Mars is warming, it must have SUVs!" Read the rest here! (heh heh heh)