Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boxing display: Islam overpowers US

A phony boxing match is about the only way they'll "beat us"!
Thousands arrived Friday at the 11th annual rally in Umm al-Fahm assembled by the northern faction of the Islamic Movement and watched, among other things, an ‘artistic’ display centered around a boxing competition between two teens; one representing the US and the other representing Islam, with UN onlookers standing by. Organizers of the display took care to assemble the boozing rink on the stage. The ‘American’ boxer arrived at the rink, haughty after winning previous battles. Then appeared the Muslim boxer, shorter, scrawnier – but just as determined and wearing a green shirt – symbolizing Islam. At the end of a difficult fight, the Muslim boxer defeated the American boxer and was announced the winner by an actor dressed as a prophet. Head of the northern faction of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah said during the rally that “soon Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate, and the caliph’s seat will be there.”
In your dreams bubba!