Thursday, September 14, 2006

Democrats Form New Group for Fund-Raising and Ads

Oh great...just what we need...more distortion and flat out lies.
Sensing both political danger and opportunity, a top Democratic operative and a group of major party donors have banded together to deliver a barrage of late advertising and on-the-ground action to secure Democratic victories in November. The operative, Harold M. Ickes, a top aide to former President Bill Clinton and informal adviser to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and a group of allies are soliciting money for a new organization called the September Fund. They hope to raise and spend as much as $25 million to influence not only crucial Congressional races but also other campaigns and ballot initiatives at the federal and state level.
I wonder where the Dems get all this money, since it's the Republicans they claim are the party of the rich. Yet millions are poured into ads (thanks McCain-Feingold) that spout so called progressive ideals. And just why do they call themselves progressive anyway? I've seen nothing progressive about them. Libs by any other name....
The September Fund, like the groups Mr. Ickes helped organize in 2004, is set up under a loophole in campaign finance law that allows political groups to escape federal donation limits that apply to party committees and candidates. Such groups, called 527 groups for the relevant section of the Internal Revenue Code, cannot advocate the election or defeat of any candidate but can engage in issue advertising that draws distinctions between the two parties. Federal law bars such groups from coordinating their activities with candidates or party committees, although many of the people running them, like Mr. Ickes, have longstanding ties to top party figures.
Uh huh! No connection at all! (insert sarcasm please)
Groups formed under Section 527 of the code were major players on both sides of the 2004 campaign. The best-known 527'’s allied with the Republicans were Swift Vets and P.O.W.'’s for Truth (formerly known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) and Progress for America. The Democrats were even more aggressive in 2004 in exploiting the 527 loophole. In addition to the Ickes groups -— America Coming Together, the Media Fund and Joint Victory Campaign -— major unions, environmental groups and spent nearly $100 million.
Personally, I knew Kerry was "unfit" even before the Swift Boat guys put out their ads. I don't always have "stoopid" stamped on my forehead ya know! One thing I found interesting in this article...they highlight with a link, but not the Vets group. Wonder why? Hmmmm... Nope, no bias at the NYT!
Mr. Smith said the group began soliciting money less than a week ago and had already secured pledges for several million dollars from individuals and labor unions. He would not name them.
Well, of course he wouldn't name them! What hypocrites! How many union members actually approve of their dues being used to support the "communists"? Don't you think it's interesting that the 527's on the right are supported by many $25 donations, while on the left, they are supported by a few multi-millionaires. Who's the party of the rich again?