Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The 53rd Assembly District

I haven't been reading blogs today. Actually, I've been pretty much unconscious for most of the day (feeling a little better now...and no, it's not a hangover). I did manage to finally find out who won the primary in my district.... Carol Owens. I have to admit, I was a tad concerned since Spanbauer is a big union supporter, and this is a big union area. It was by no means a walk in the park for Owens, but she did prevail. Owens victorious in 53rd District
Because there is no Democratic candidate waiting in the wings, Owens will run unopposed in the general election on Nov. 7. Owens, 75, of Oshkosh, has held the seat since she was elected in 1992. With all but one Winnebago County precinct reporting, the unofficial vote count early today had Owens with 2,097 votes, or 53.5 percent, to 1,820, or 46.5 percent, for Spanbauer. "I knew it would be close," said Owens, who awaited final return totals well after midnight. Spanbauer, of the town of Algoma in Winnebago County, was also defeated by Owens in the 2004 primary election, losing by less than 10 percent of the votes cast. This year, the margin was much closer. Owens said she has a whole slate of unfinished business.
I hope she manages to finish what she wants, because I think this should be her last term. I like Carol, but her health isn't so great, and truthfully, I was surprised to hear she was going to run again this year.
In Fond du Lac County, Owens received 762 votes to 719 for Spanbauer. Owens also topped Spanbauer in Dodge County, 182 votes to 130. In Winnebago County, Owens was leading Spanbauer, 1,153 to 971, with one precinct not yet reporting vote totals. Waupun Clerk-Treasurer Kyle Clark was surprised at Tuesday's voter turnout after initially predicting a 5 to 10 percent turnout. "We thought with the rainy weather and so many unopposed races that we would have a slow day, but we actually had a 16 percent turnout in the city of Waupun," Clark said. In the city of Waupun, Owens topped Spanbauer by 66 votes, 304 votes to 238 votes.
Kyle's right. It was a miserable day in Waupun. I was thinking of changing into my webbed feet so I could go vote, but I managed to "git 'r done".