Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keeping It Simple

You know I'm from Texas, or might not, if you don't stop by regularly. But I am. I'm a transplanted Texan freezing my hinder off up here every winter, no matter how "mild" y'all seem to think it might be. I also find it extremely amusing when y'all complain about how "humid" it gets. Y'all don't know humidity till you've spent August in Houston! So, being a Texan, I have been sort of watching the governor's race down there. The last governor I voted for (absentee) was George W. Bush. When Bush won the presidency, Rick Perry took over. I can tell ya, Perry is NO Bush, and many of the people I talk to aren't too happy with him. So, now he's up for re-election and he's got some competition. One of my favorite is Kinky Friedman. Friedman is a point blank, in your face type. He says what's on his mind, and doesn't give a flip what other's say about him. I rather like that in a politician. Although, technically, he can't be called a politician, just a plain spoken Texan. I have no idea if he'd make a good governor, I haven't been following the race that close. But he'd sure put a bug up a few bureaucrat's butts. :) During my last trip south a couple of months ago, I saw quite a few "Kinky for Governor" bumper stickers, so, ya never know. Friedman touts proposals for border security He calls for 10,000 guardsmen and upsets some with evacuee comments