Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Right Under Our Noses

Here is a MUST READ for every American! It's long, but worth every single minute of your time. Tidbits from Grouchy: Part 1 - Imam says one thing in Arabic, another in English. Arafat was famous for that. Part 2 - Where is the ACLU on teaching Islam in the gummint schools? Part 3 - Thank you Jimmah Carter for starting this program and for the following administrations who continued it. Ya know the commies said that we were gonna manufacture the rope that they were gonna use to hang us and the shovels they would use to bury us. Didn't come to pass. We've invited the Moo-slimes into this country and are giving them the tools to destroy us. Part 4 - The Moo-slime version of Vacation Bible School. In the Moo-slime version, the Religion of Peace teaches jihad. Disgusting! This shit is going on in the Atlanta area. Part 5 - Recruiting blacks. The irony here is that in many Islamic countries, like Saudi Arabia, slavery still exists. Part 6 - Brainwashing Children. (Note: "Moo-slime" is NOT my word) H/T: Grouchy Old Cripple