Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Sister....The Moonbat!

I just got off the phone with my older sister. We talked about the events of the last couple of weeks, family chit chat, etc. Somehow or another, she turned the conversation to "global warming". Now, I have to say, I love my sister, but that woman is a flake! I tried to explain to her that a great deal of the "global warming" doomsdayers are basing their opinions on junk science. The world goes through cycles, and this is no different. I asked her to please stop listening to people like Algore. Her response...."We have to listen to him, he's going to save us all. If we don't listen to him, we're all going to die." Well, we're all going to die one of these days anyway and Algore isn't going to change that in any way, shape or form. sigh.... we all have our own Cross to bear, and I guess she's one of mine. :/