Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary Day!

Ok, go vote! No, I haven't gone yet, I have invaders. We're having 3 windows replaced this morning, and I'm not about to leave while they're here. So far, they've got 2 of them almost finished. I'm impressed! From what I've seen so far, they've done a terrific job. Having a cutie doing the work doesn't hurt either. Hey, married, not dead, remember? And what a cute accent! Very Nordic. :) Oh yeah...back to the primary. Sorry, got distracted. :) I live in the 53rd district, represented by Carol Owens. I like Carol, nice lady. Dick Spanbauer is running against her as a Republican, but let's face it, he's a RINO, so as far as I'm concerned, no contest. However, I might be lonely in that opinion since there are many yard signs in his favor, and only a few for Carol. Then, of course, we have the governor's race. There's a DUH for ya. I'm obviously voting for Mark Green. Is there someone I haven't heard of running against him? Like that guy who stepped into the race for Lt. Gov? Oh well, doesn't matter! Jean's my bud! Love that woman! She's the most down to earth "politician" I've ever met. So, of course I'm voting for her. :) I have to tell you, that "Green/Jean" slogan makes me chuckle. I'm old, I watched Captain Kangaroo as a child, so if you're old too, you'll remember Mr. Green Jeans. :) The race for AG is a tough one, and NO, I'm not saying who I'm voting for, now, or ever. If you know me, you know I was given orders not to publicly endorse any contested race, so, I'm not! Just know, that whoever wins, I will give them 100% of my support! Either gentleman will make a great Attorney General. I would say we couldn't do any worse than we've got right now, but then there's Falk, so I'll refrain. However, with either Van Hollen or Bucher in the office, we'll regain some dignity in this state that has been lost under Peg's....choke...leadership. There you have it....now turn off the computer, get up off yer butt, and GO VOTE! But only once!