Wednesday, September 06, 2006


When was the last time a Hassidic Jew hijacked a plane? Jewish man removed from airplane for praying
Some fellow passengers are questioning why an Orthodox Jewish man was removed from an Air Canada Jazz flight in Montreal last week for praying.
They aren't the only ones doing some questioning. He wasn't yelling "Allah hu Ak-bar", so what was the problem?
"He was clearly a Hasidic Jew," said Yves Faguy, a passenger seated nearby. "He had some sort of cover over his head. He was reading from a book. "He wasn't exactly praying out loud but he was lurching back and forth," Faguy added.
It's becoming obvious that stupidity/ignorance is running rampant.
Air Canada Jazz termed the situation "delicate," but says it received more than one complaint about the man's behaviour.
Does this mean if I complain about the behavior of a 2 year old, I can have him/her removed? Lord knows, there have been times I wish I could. Common sense tells me no, but common sense isn't apparent when it comes to Canada Air.
The Jewish group B'nai Brith Canada has offered to help give Air Canada crews sensitivity training.
They need more than "sensitivity training".