Friday, September 29, 2006

School Security

In light of the events this morning at a school in western Wisconsin, Jeff Wagner was asking listeners what was to be done to keep our kids safe. The very first caller said that no matter what the cost, metal detectors should be placed in every single school. Say WHAT? I don't think so! NO NO NO NO! It's not that I don't want our kids safe in the schools, of course I do. But when you start putting metal detectors in every single school, you are admitting defeat, and the lunatics win. So, what's my suggestion? Well, I'd made every single parent take parenting classes, and make them pay for the privilege. Sounds silly, doesn't it. Well, if the taxpayers are going to be footing the bill for metal detectors in schools, even if they don't have kids school aged, I think the burden should be shifted to the people who actually have kids. We've got so many people having kids and no idea how to deal with the little rugrats. I take this incident very seriously! I do, after all, have 2 granddaughters of school age (8 & 14). However, when they act like total jackasses, I blame them, my daughter, son in law, and myself. Luckily, neither one has done something like carry a gun into a school. These are suppose to be buildings filled with learning, not prison guards. Although, looking back, sometimes it felt like a prison.