Monday, September 18, 2006

Unions Have Embraced Anti-War Extremism, Report Says

I'll say it flat out. I do NOT like unions. Yes, there was once a need for them, but times have changed, employees are protected by reasonable laws, and even though there are still "sweat shops", they aren't unionized, they're mostly illegals, and should be shut down promptly! Today's big unions don't give a flying flip for the workers, which is evidenced by their continuous backing of big taxing Dems. They are nothing more than communists and socialists with fancy alphabet names.
Labor leaders have established a close relationship with anti-American, anti-war activists as part of a move to the political left that began more than three decades ago, according to a recent report produced by a conservative think tank.
Unions actually working AGAINST the same people they claim to represent - the AMERICAN worker. Some of those members paying their dues faithfully are also veterans who have fought for those same union leaders' right to be jackasses.
"Prominent self-styled 'peace activists' such as Cindy Sheehan, Leslie Cagan and Ramsey Clark rarely waste an opportunity to portray America as the number one obstacle to world peace," said Carl Horowitz, author of the report "Common Cause With America's Enemies: How Labor Unions Embraced Antiwar Extremism."
Haven't heard from Mother Moonbat in a while, but I wouldn't guarantee she's completely off the radar. I've read through the 28 page report... very, very interesting.
"For more than 30 years, unions in this country have moved steadily leftward," the report stated, "forging strategic alliances with people who oppose America's rights of sovereignty and self-defense far more than they oppose war."
Do you think that union members are even aware what their "leadership" are up to?
While acknowledging that "unions are no strangers to antiwar activism," Horowitz noted that "their embrace of anti-American antiwar activism is a fairly recent phenomenon." Union officials presently serve as "high-profile players" in the "shadowy" anti-war network who "sign petitions, make speeches and steer member dues toward anti-American extremists claiming to further the cause of humanity," he charged.
I believe very strongly in making Wisconsin a "right to work" state, and this just reinforces my feeling. Union members should demand their dues be returned, since they are the ones actually funding the anti-American activities of their leadership.
"It's taken us 30 years, but we are here, and we're not going backwards, folks," Wohlforth reportedly said. "We took a step to get the message out that Labor is against the damn war, and that the connections between the attacks on working people and the war in Iraq have to be made."
What connection could possibly be made to connect the two? Unless of course, it's union members who are actually producing products needed to support our troops in any situation. Oh yeah, let's get rid of all military, put an end to war, and put even more members out of work. Ok, bad example. But how many businesses are actually IN business because of the military?
"Over the decades, the Left has shown they can be counted on to work against American interests," Horowitz said in the document. "Gradually, unions likewise are inspiring such expectations. "Their members, and America at large," Horowitz argued, "deserve better."
I agree. Those members are hard working Americans, trying to support their families. Why do they continually support these sort of activities?