Monday, October 09, 2006

ACLU Strikes Again

This time, the supposedly non-partisan (choke....sputter) organization is going after Senator Joe Lieberman.
The hard-fought Connecticut Senate race that has split Democrats in the Constitution State is also causing a rift between the American Civil Liberties Union'’s national headquarters and its Connecticut chapter. Leaders of the ACLU'’s Connecticut affiliate have objected to an advertisement placed by the national ACLU that ran in the Hartford Courant late last month. The advertisement focused on Senator Lieberman, a Democrat who is running as an independent after losing a primary bid to an anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont. "“Will Senator Joe Lieberman pass this test on American values?"” the ad asks. It features Mr. Lieberman'’s photograph and office telephone number, along with warnings about pending legislation about detainees, torture, and wiretapping. "“Tell Joe Lieberman his votes on this assault on American values will help determine your vote in November,"” the ad says.
Did I miss something? What does the ACLU know about American values? They're communists for petes sake, which is totally opposite of American values.
The chairman of the board of the Connecticut ACLU, Don Noel Jr., said he and several other board members felt it breached the organization'’s pledge to stay out of electoral politics. "“It seemed to us to cross the line on partisanship, or to cross the line on not being nonpartisan,"” Mr. Noel told The New York Sun yesterday. "“I have complained and the national office has agreed with me. They have said they are sorry this might have been seen as partisan."” A spokeswoman for the ACLU, Emily Whitfield, said the national group had agreed to make wider notification to local affiliates about similar ads in the future. However, she said there was no apology for the content of the ads, which she said ran in a dozen states and mentioned Democratic and Republican incumbents who might be persuaded to heed the organization'’s concerns about antiterrorism legislation.
The ACLU has been involved in politicinceptiont's inseption, why on earth should they stop now?