Monday, October 09, 2006

Ignorance in Edgar

I read a lot of papers online. Living in this area, naturally the first one I check is the Fond du Lac Distorter. I'm curious if anything actually happens, luckily, nothing much does. This morning, there's a letter to the editor concerning J.B. Van Hollen by a person who is obviously clueless. Van Hollen poor choice for office
J.B. Van Hollen says he wouldn't enforce the law. In his Web site, he proclaims himself a crime-fighter. Yet in his campaign ads, he virtually boasts that he will not prosecute crimes if they involve violations related to manure spills, environmental violations or special interests that favor his party.
That first sentence is out right laughable. When has JB ever said he wouldn't enforce the law? I've had many conversations with him (Paul Bucher too), and I know full well he takes the job of AG very seriously, which includes enforcing the law. The job of the AG doesn't include being an environmental whacko bringing lawsuits against cranberry farmers, wasting taxpayer money.
Van Hollen's campaign statements claim that Falk has little experience in fighting crime. So what, it sounds like Van Hollen has no intention of trying criminal cases at all if he becomes Attorney General. Crimes against the public's interest will go untried. What good will it do to have good water protection rules and good regulations protecting our hunting and fishing resources if Van Hollen refuses to recognize them.
Again, the reason the AG has a staff is to actually try cases. JB isn't a headline hunter, unlike our current AG. It's called delegating, although that word by be out of the realm of Mr. Wentzel's vocabulary. I'm not a lawyer, actually, I'm pretty clueless. But common sense, and getting facts before making a statement as fact, usually is my first priority.
The last thing Wisconsin needs is a Bush appointee soiling our judiciary system at the state level. Richard Wentzel Edgar
Ah yes, the required anti-Bush statement. If Bush had anything to do with it, it's a bad thing. It doesn't matter that JB was a good choice, it doesn't matter what JB's record actually is, as long as Bush appointed him, he's a bad choice. YEESH! This is probably one of the worst, ill thought out, letters I've ever read. But then, we're talking about the Distorter here... they don't much care for good letters promoting Republican candidates, but they're all over this type of thing. Everything anti Republican or conservative is just honkey dorey. I had to look up Edgar, WI. I had no idea where it was. It turns out this guy lives west of Wausau, so again, I ask, why are all these people sending letters to the editor in towns they are no where near? Hmmmm.... I smell Dem party letter writing campaign here.