Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Afternoon Visitor

My cleaning lady pointed this critter out to me this afternoon. She also pointed out WHY this critter was hanging around.... an injured white dove. I did my best to protect the critter by putting stuff around it so the hawk (?) couldn't get to it. I called the local vet to find out what I should do about the dove. She suggested I call the DNR. sigh.... so I did! They are totally useless.... "What do you want us to do about it?" Well, that's why I called ya moroon... to ask what I should do to help the little bloody bird. It was still alive, quite frightened, but not mortally wounded. I'm a sucker for critters... can't help it. So, after wasting a lot of time trying to get answers from the Do Nothing Rangers, I called our local pet store. She told me what I could do to help the bird. I got a little bowl of water, headed out to get the bird feed we keep handy, and found several large piles of white feathers all over the yard. Yes, this is what nature does... but does it have to do it MY yard?