Monday, October 09, 2006

Philadelphia schools promote 'gay' agenda

District threatens truancy charges against parents who keep kids home Say WHAT?
The Philadelphia School District has launched a new advance in the battle to indoctrinate school children into the "gay" agenda with its announcement that October is "Gay and Lesbian History Month."
They have got to be kidding!
"If there is a parent who wants to remove their child from school," district spokesman Fernando Gallard told the report, "they would have to deal with the truancy regulations."
There goes the last little bit of control parents have with their children.
School officials say they added the recognition this year "to be more inclusive" and follow a district policy requiring equity for all races and minority groups, according to Cecilia Cummings, a school community relations executive.
I'd like to include my boot up someone's butt for this one.
"Whatever happened to the separation of church and the state, that liberals keep harping about? Everyone knows, or should know that homosexuality is one of the tenets of the church of the devil. So, why is it that the devil's tenets can be espoused in school, but not the word of God?" "Besides, is there a month for heterosexuality?"
How 'bout an "Irish/American Indian ol' broad" month?
"If you have a gay history month, you're basically saying, 'This is a wonderful part of American history – homosexual history – let's celebrate it and let's teach the kids that this is like civil rights.' Are they going to teach the role that homosexual behavior had in the onset of HIV and AIDS?"
I seriously doubt it! H/T: American and Proud of It who wants to know if there is going to be a White Straight Male Month