Friday, October 27, 2006

Desperate Candidate: Falk

Ya know, if Kathleen Falk was a Republican, with the same record (highly unlikely...just sayin'), I still couldn't vote for her, even if she was the only one running. New ad hits Van Hollen's record as DA
Republican attorney general candidate J.B. Van Hollen's record as a prosecutor is under the microscope in a new ad from the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund running across the state, an independent group that earlier ran ads attacking Van Hollen's position on allowing residents to carry concealed weapons.
Greater Wisconsin, eh? pfft! That's all I need to know to realize it's pure crap!
"Tell J.B. Van Hollen tough talk isn't enough. Prosecutors must be tough with violent criminals," the ad script reads.
Again.... pffft! What would their candidate, Falk, know about prosecuting violent criminals?
Van Hollen campaign spokesman Brian Fraley issued a statement late Thursday saying the ad only told half the story. He said it was a "disgusting" attempt by Falk supporters to revictimize survivors of the crime and leave the impression Van Hollen was responsible for Newago's crime. In an Oct. 20 letter to Falk and the Greater Wisconsin Committee, Van Hollen's attorneys said that Van Hollen didn't become district attorney until after Newago was released on bond. What's more, Van Hollen didn't have any opportunity to revisit that status before the murder, the letter said. "If you choose to proceed, the Van Hollen campaign will have no choice but to put Wisconsin television stations on notice of the defamatory nature of this potential ad," the letter says.
Typical libs! Half the story, less than half the truth.
Meantime, Falk's campaign followed up on last night's debate at the State Bar of Wisconsin by criticizing Van Hollen for "debating himself" on the issues. Collins accused Van Hollen of flip flopping his position on certain issues, such as saying he wasn't sure the backlog in DNA testing at the state Crime Lab could be fully eliminated.
There's a DUH for ya! As long as there are crimes being committed and evidence being collected, there will always be a backlog. Thanks to the inefficiency of Peg, it might take quite a while to get even close to being caught up. I believe JB is the best choice for attorney general, and he will do what he says! (JB's release)