Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberal Distortions

I've had trouble opening my email this morning, so I wasn't aware I had received the same mail from Deb that Kathy posted at her site. Thank goodness for WebBox! If you really need more proof of the lies and distortion that the left uses to try to influence your vote, then here it is:
It has come to my attention that a commercial currently being aired on the radio paid for by the Greater Wisconsin PAC accuses State Senator Tom Reynolds of being too extreme to hire women on his staff. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Deborah Bowers and I have been on Senator Reynolds'’ staff since January 31, 2005. Furthermore, unlike a song made popular by Johnny Cash a few decades ago, I am not male with a female name. Such an obvious misrepresentation leads me to believe that either these critics of Senator Reynolds are purposely trying to mislead his constituents, or are too lazy to do their research. Neither conclusion puts his critics in a favorable light. If a fact as easy as the sex of Senator Reynolds'’ staff is misrepresented, what other pieces of information are untrue? Keeping this personal let me start with my job interview with Senator Reynolds. He did not ask me anything about my beliefs about Heaven, nor did he ask me about my marital fidelity. Rather, he stuck to job appropriate questions, such as experience and education. I never felt that he pried into my personal life between my husband and me. Since he is a Legislator, we did discuss political beliefs, realizing that we were of like mind on many, but not all topics. Senator Tom Reynolds has been falsely accused of being too extreme to have women on his staff. I am a woman working for him. With such an easy accusation refuted, imagine how many other false statements about Senator Reynolds are hanging out there.
Why is does it continuously surprise me that the left doesn't bother to find out the facts before spouting their nonsense? Deb says in her email:
As a little background, someone who heard this commercial alerted me to it last night. I typed up this editorial and held on to it until I heard the commercial myself today. When I forwarded it to our local CNI papers, I was advised that they will not print campaign editorials the week before an election. Therefore, besides the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Waukesha Freeman, I am sending this to anyone and every source I can think of. You have my permission to post the editorial on your blog.
I wonder if CNI is aware that there are almost TWO weeks to go before the election?