Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Got This in an Email Today

In a little known fact of history, upon learning that Benedict Arnold turned Red Coat, the remaining elements of the Continental Army were so devastated, they went into a funk, put down their arms, and went home thus allowing the British Army to preserve the colonies for the Crown. No, wait a second, that’s not what happened. Even though Benedict Arnold fought valiantly for the Continental Army and then stunned all the regulars with his defection, that did not dampen their fighting spirit. In fact, the Continental Army fought more vigorously and better and won the war for the benefit of the colonies and many future generations the world over. So, now that Foley, who has been deceiving many, has finally been revealed, what should we do? Go into a funk? No! Think about it. This is an incredibly monumental time. We have North Korea (thank you democrat Bill Clinton) about to detonate a nuclear device. We have Islam (thank you democrat Jimmy Carter) calling for the heads, literally, of all the Western infidels, in other words, the heads of all your friends and family. We have the weird democratic minions sitting in the same weeds in which Foley was hiding hoping they come to power this November so they can produce what? Wholesomeness? No. They hate that kind of thing. (Democrats don'’t mind that Foley did what he did. Barney Frank got caught, Gerry Studds actually got caught having _ _ _ with a minor boy, Mel Reynolds got caught. Frank and Studds both were relected many times over to great acclaim by democrats.) Are the Republicans hypocrites? Could very well be. In fact, it is my theory that the only humans that were or are not hypocrites at some point were Jesus and Mary and the modern day democrats (not because democrats conduct is exemplary, but because they don’t care to live by any standards or try to enforce any standards e.g. Barney Frank - "so my boyfriend was running a prostitution ring from my Washington D.C. apartment, who cares."). Anybody that promotes good standards and conduct will most likely be a hypocrite at some point because of the fallen nature of man. So, what should be do? Go into a funk and lay down our weapons? No. Vote Republican! And hand the Democrats their Waterloo. (Thanks Kathy)