Monday, October 23, 2006

Jane Wyatt 1910-2006

Actress Jane Wyatt, Oct. 20
Jane Wyatt, the actress who for six years on "Father Knows Best" was one of TV's favorite moms, died on Oct. 20. She was 96. Wyatt died in her sleep at her Bel-Air home. She experienced health problems since suffering a stroke at 85, but her mind was sharp until her death, her son Christopher Ward said. Wyatt had a successful film career in the 1930s and '40s, notably as Ronald Colman's lover in 1937's "Lost Horizon." But it was her years as Robert Young's TV wife, Margaret Anderson, on "Father Knows Best" that brought the actress her lasting fame.
I grew up watching this lady on TV. Whenever I got mad at my mom, I would dream of having her for a mother, because she understood everything. Ok, I was just a kid, I thought there were tiny people in the TV too for a long time.