Monday, October 23, 2006


Fines lurk for fliers Packing scissors and a temper can be costly
Most passengers don't realize that if they take banned items through airport security -– knowingly or unknowingly -– they could face as much as $10,000 in fines. Usually the threat is obvious, such as being caught with a loaded gun. But try to pass through metal detectors with a large pair of scissors and a bad attitude and you could be out as much as $1,500.
I'm starting to think that the TSA is the IRS in disguise! Obviously, trying to take a gun, or a weapon of any sort is not a good idea. I use to carry tiny scissors in my carry-on, for those little emergencies, like cutting the tags off new purchases I always seem tacquirere while traveling. Not any more! I don't even pack the little case of nail stuff in my checked luggage. What I've learned it not to pack anything I don't want taken away or stolen out of my luggage.
And some travel industry experts said they didn't even know about the TSA's crackdown and question whether it's effective.
You'd think the TSA would at least inform the travel industry.
"Confiscating items, yes. But fining people? I had no idea," said Tim Winship, contributing editor of and publisher of, a popular flier information and advice Web site.
Suck more money out of the pockets of every one they can. Who gets that money anyway?
"The fact that I'm not [aware of this] would suggest that the TSA is doing a lousy job of getting the word out. They're obviously catching people unawares."
I'm pretty sure not too many people do know about the fines, I sure didn't. I travel frequently, and try to keep up with the "rule du jour" from the TSA. Has anyone ever thought the TSA does a good job at anything?