Thursday, October 12, 2006


What a great day I've had. Yes, it was cold, and yes, my red coat fuzzed all over my black britches, but hey, when you get to have lunch with one of the nicest guys in the political arena, who cares! :)
Sometimes, it really does pay to get someplace earlier than is necessary. :)
The best phrase I heard all day, in the several required speeches, was uttered by Mr. Snow: "The magic of being American!" What a great way of putting it all in perspective. Think about that phrase...the magic of being American. What does it mean? It all depends on how you look at things. To me, it's the spirit of our nation, the dreams, the innovations, and the strong will of the people. And I did get to ask him the "question". and he answered. :) It seems he really is more patient, and he really enjoys the exchange. Cool. But I'd still lose it if I had to deal with that kind of treatment on a daily basis. :)