Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ever had coffee coming out of your nose? Doyle: State government's focus must be on economy
Wisconsin state government must focus on improving the economy in coming years, says Gov. James Doyle.
Excuse me Governor, but where the hell have YOU been the last 4 years?
The state should not only focus on boosting the economy but supporting quality jobs, he told The Reporter Editorial Board on Wednesday during a visit to the newspaper in which he addressed such topics as taxes, tax breaks, health care, education, the UW System and stem cell research.
While I do believe that the university system is very important to the state, it's not the ONLY business in town, ya know! Evidently, living in the Land of Oz, he's not really aware there are a LOT of us little people out here in the real world.
Doyle said he has awarded more than $15.2 million through the state Department of Commerce to Fond du Lac County to help local businesses expand and create higher-paying jobs.
Doyle and a checkbook filled with taxpayers money. Since when does he have the sole responsibility for doling out money? I wasn't aware he could do that unilaterally. Hmmmm....
Doyle said he also intends to stay focused on education. He said that when he first took office, a $3.2 billion dollar deficit threatened the state. Fond du Lac schools alone would have faced $3 million in cuts if he had decided to handle the budget differently, he said.
What he means? I'm going to keep on sucking up to WEAC!
To make matters worse, the federal government has cut its funding to financial aid, leaving state governments to provide more support. "Washington has really walked away on this issue," Doyle said.
Unfortunately, what they do in DC affects us all, but why does he insist on campaigning against a bloomin' city a thousand miles away?
Wisconsin's tax situation has improved, but it could be better, the governor said. When Doyle took office, Wisconsin was the third highest taxed state in the nation. It has dropped to seventh highest and he said he hopes to see it go lower, he said.
Oh, now there's something to be proud of...dropping from 3rd to 7th out of 50? Considering the population of Wisconsin against the population of higher taxed, more industrial states, I'd say this is NOT something to crow about.
Doyle said he recognizes that stem-cell research has caused controversy, but it still could save many lives. He endorses adult stem-cell research, but adult stem cells don't show as much promise as embryonic stem cells.
Interesting. I've read just the opposite, in many articles. Does Doyle know something more than many scientists? I mean other than those pushing for destroying human life? I need more coffee!