Friday, October 20, 2006

Making Stupid Laws....Because They Can

Lollipop police ban teachers from helping children to cross the road
Schoolchildren were left to cross a busy road on their own when their lollipop man went off sick - because teachers were banned from helping by health and safety zealots. The junior school pupils - some as young as seven - had to dodge rush-hour traffic after council officials ruled that teachers were not sufficiently trained to take over. Parents yesterday accused the pedantic officials of putting their children's lives at risk. One mother, who refused to be named, said: "I called the council and they told me that for health and safety reasons they couldn't put someone there who hadn't had the proper training. "But there were seven-year-olds having to cross the road themselves - it's health and safety gone mad."
Ok, since I'm not British, it took a few seconds to figure out just what the heck a "lollipop" actually is. A crossing guard....DUH! Just how stupid do you have to be to come up with a law like this? Here you have these folks, who evidently aren't too bright to begin with if they have to be "trained" to cross a bloomin' street, yet it's ok to allow small children to do it by themselves. One of the first things kids are taught when they go out to into the big bad world is how to cross a street safely. If a teacher can't do this same job, I'd say take a good look at how those teachers are being trained. YEESH! Oh, those whacky Brits. Sheer stupidity!