Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Nasty Politics" Goes Local

County Board size debate gets personal
An intense debate between two Fond du Lac County Board supervisors has turned personal after one said the other was acting like a "jackass." Supervisor Sam Meyer said he thought Supervisor Todd Schmitz's actions were so rude and disrespectful at a forum Thursday on County Board size that he was compelled to take action. "I just thought it was rude and childish," said Meyer, who alleges Schmitz made faces toward the pro-reduction side of the debate, "wagged his finger" to mimic them and generally tried to be a distraction. "I'm a big guy. I can take it, but he's in the Legislative Chambers. He's a County Board supervisor." Schmitz, on the other hand, said he in no way acted out of line. "It wasn't any behavior that isn't typical of debates," he said. "There was no finger waving and there were no faces being made. We were engaged in conversation in the back of the room."
Read the rest here. I know Sam Meyer. He's a good guy and if he says Schmitz was acting like a "jackass", then he was acting like a jackass.