Friday, October 20, 2006

"Wussification" is Apt

Getting Rid of Tag This, for lack of a better term, is further evidence of the "wussification" of America.
They've done it again! This time it's Willett Elementary, south of Boston. They're following the footsteps of schools in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Spokane,Washington, and Charleston, South Carolina. They've banned tag, touch football and any unsupervised chase game during recess because they're afraid the kids will get hurt and hold the school liable. This, for lack of a better term, is further evidence of the "wussification" of America. We're raising a generation of spineless, gutless wimps. (And, by the way, this same district got rid of dodgeball a few years back too.) First off, it's sickening that the legal community would pursue such nonsense anyway. I would guess, just like the administrators, these are nerds that in their younger days were smacked repeatedly in the head and groin because of their ineptitude at dodgeball! As for the kids playing tag, maybe your little "Lulu" keeps falling over and getting caught because she's too fat!! Maybe young "Edgar" doesn't like touch football, because he's always forced to block since he can't run ten feet without being winded! What are these kids supposed to do at recess? Play chess? Hey, you can take an eye out with a pawn! Jacks? Marbles? Gosh no, they'll swallow something! Hide and seek? Well, what if there's poison ivy or a sinkhole! Red Rover? No, that would be way too much peer pressure! I've got it Willett Elementary...just cancel recess and add another lunch period. Just wheel out the feed trough and let them swill and graze like the cows they're going to be there south of Boston! Tag and dodgeball are lessons in life. Run or you will get caught. Get or you wil be got(ten). Nail someone before they nail you!! I just want to know who's suing whom when one of these youngsters explodes!!