Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm a Couple of Days Late

Owen, of Boots & Sabers fame, has another terrific column on Yes, I forgot to link it when it came out...sue me. :) Party time This election, don'’t forget your conservative roots Just a few snips:
At the national level, this may be the Democrats'’ year. It'’s hard to imagine a Congress that has been more ineffective and bungling than this one. They have managed to fail on every major priority while passing intrusive little bills that offend more and more people. On top of that, the stench of scandal permeates the building. It appears that the only thing this Congress is really good at is spending more and more of our money.
But it could be worse. The Democrats could control Congress. The specter of a Speaker Nancy Pelosi should send shivers down the spines of most sane people. It'’s not just the Speaker either. If you look at some of the Democrats who would chair committees if the Democrats take control of the House next year, it would be the most liberal House that this nation has probably ever seen.
At the national level, one might want to vote for the party to prevent a catastrophic political meltdown. At the state level, one might want to vote for the party to seize a true opportunity to move Wisconsin back to the forefront. In either case, this is not a year to cling to the notion that political parties don'’t matter.
Excellent read, as always.