Saturday, October 21, 2006

Your Big Mac Offends Me.....

.... so you can't eat them anymore! When personal liberties are attacked, I tend to look at the attackers. When it comes to banning smoking in restaurants, bars, or any other PUBLIC place, I'm looking at those who are leading the crusade. Aren't these the same folks who are diehard "choice" advocates, those who proclaim "my body, my choice"? As a matter of fact, aren't there are quite a few who are all bent out of shape about the NSA incident? You eating those Big Macs regularly makes MY health insurance costs go up, so you can no longer CHOOSE to violate YOUR bod! Mark Davis: What are we banning when we prohibit smoking?
Ban an activity that most people find unpleasant? Why, of course! But a vital truth is obliterated in such reflexive zeal -– basic freedom is not doled out by a show of hands. It is irrelevant how many Americans object to smoking. Everyone entering -– or working in -– an establishment that allows smoking does so willingly. Anyone wishing to avoid smoke may do so by frequenting the increasing number of establishments that choose not to allow it. Problem solved. But not for the busybodies who just can't rest until their behavioral will is imposed on as many people as possible. This leads to the second reason smoking bans are all the rage -– the successful arrogance of condescending nannies in public and private life who have told millions of Americans that their anti-smoking passions can take the shape of punitive actions against anyone who dares rattle their sensibilities by lighting up anywhere. These hordes have found it irresistible to foist their standards about smoking into countless venues that are of no concern to them. To an American public bamboozled into looking at this the wrong way, it appears the noblest of crusades, resulting in less smoking in public, as if that is the only bottom line that matters.
Like I more Big Macs...or perfume...and for petes sake take a shower!
I know that's not precisely apples and apples. Cigarette consumption actually affects people nearby. But that changes nothing. I tend to avoid perfume counters, something about the confluence of 75 competing aromas serving as an ax to my skull. But I won't petition Nordstrom's to dismantle its counter to accommodate me. That's what's missing in the smoking ban debate -– simple consideration for the choices other people get to make. Until our appreciation for that concept is resuscitated, bullies will continue to sacrifice freedom on a phony altar of health concerns. And the saddest part is that very few seem to mind.
Well, I mind! And so should you! I also mind that there are those who are trying to change the way people eat, sleep, make love, etc. So, for all those who want to impose their will on me....remove thy head from thy posterior. Thank you!