Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back to Reality! :(

We have arrived back from Sin City, tired and, of course, a lot more broke than when we left. But hey, we had a good time, so that helps ease the pain. :) Here's some observations for ya: 1. Midwest Super Saver flights suck. I'm not a sardine, and I don't like being packed in like one. If that wasn't bad enough, they don't serve their cookies on any flight before 10 a.m. How rude! 2. MGM Grand is HUGE! If you enjoy walking a quarter mile from your room to the elevator, then this is the place for you. If you don't, find someplace an itsy bit smaller. 3. If you check in at the airport, make sure the person you are talking to understands exactly what you reserved so when you actually arrive at the hotel, you won't be sitting in a room for a couple of hours that isn't yours, waiting for a bellman to bring the keys for the RIGHT room. (after an already long day, this is not a good way to get on my "let's do this again" list) 4. Go see Dennis Miller! Hilarious! 5. Go see The Four Tops. Great show! But leave before The Temptations, unless they figure out how to actually get a balanced mix. I don't know why anyone thinks that having the bass drown out the singing is a good show. I had such a headache! 6. If you're on a diet, do NOT plan on sticking to it! Under NO circumstance should a serious dieter ever go to Las Vegas!! Guess it's a good thing I didn't plan on sticking to my diet during this interlude, eh! :) Luckily, my britches aren't as tight as they could have been, so I didn't have to buy any bigger ones. 7. The perks of joining the MGM's Players Club were a LOT better than any of the others we have joined in the past. Free play, cash, free buffets (see #6!), free rooms, etc. Cool. It's also good at a lot of other casinos, including the Luxor, Bellagio, New York New York, Treasure Island, MGM in Detroit, if you want to go to Michigan, and at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, plus a few others I can't remember right now. 8. If you have ticket from a particular casino, make sure you cash it out before you leave! Nothing like getting on the plane to come home and finding a voucher for $90 in your pocket. I'm not mentioning any names, HE knows who he is! 9. Nice room, but strange. All glass and mirrors... spooky! Nothing worse than opening your eyes first thing in the morning and seeing yourself looking back FRIGHTENING, lemme tell ya! One fantastic thing (Fox News while drying my hair)...there was a flatscreen tv imbedded in the mirror in the bathroom. I want one! 10. The M&M Store is a hoot. 11. The monorail SOUNDS like a good idea, but don't assume, just because it says so, that the stop you want is actually close to where you want to go. The stop for the Stardust was actually a MILE from the Stardust. For a couple of bucks more, a cab would have made a lot more sense, and get you right to the bloomin' door. Although, other stops get you right into a few of the places, that wasn't one of them. 12. Get a massage! :) Since we aren't exactly major partiers, we don't have any tales that should "stay in Vegas". Sorry Mary! :) All in all, it was good for both of us to get away, especially my husband. He managed to actually relax, and not worry about all the things he has to deal with due to his mom's death. Addition from my husband: A toilet that actually flushes is also a plus for any hotel room. Unfortunately, ours decided NOT to perform that necessary function on a regular basis.