Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Party of Perception

I'm mosying around the internet this morning, and came across a REAL interesting column on Huffington Post. Yes, it was difficult, but I manage to read the majority of it before I snorted my coffee all over the keyboard. It reinforces the idea that the Democrat Party is the party of NO IDEAS! They complain, long and loud, but don't have any answers for today's problems. So, how do they plan to win back Congress? Why, advertising of course. Guest Column: Rules Democrats Should Use To Take Back Congress Here are few interesting highlights:
You do not have a media outlet like Fox, so you must work twice as hard to get the mainstream media to carry your message to ALL voters. Importantly, do not believe the mainstream media is for you and against Republicans. They're not. If you somehow think they'll help you win an election, you've already lost.
No, the Dems have CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC! We do however have talk radio, but not everyone has the good sense to listen.
The target audience fervently believed Saddam Hussein WAS behind the 9/11 attacks and there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Just as they believe today that the second in command of Al Qaeda has been killed or captured at least a dozen times -- AND they've conveniently forgotten that Osama Bin Laden is not only still alive, but happily and calmly planning future attacks against our country.
They really do think Americans are stupid! I don't know anyone who believed that Hussein was behind 9/11. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON! No one has forgotten that Bin Laden is still running around cooking up new plans to destroy us either. Neither has the President, but he's not running for office in November, so why on earth do they want to campaign against him?
Stop playing by "Marquess of Queensberry" rules. Before you get punched, you punch. Hard. Whenever possible, you punch below the belt. And most importantly, even after they are down, you keep punching.
Is this different from what they've been doing for the last few elections?
George Bush. Cocaine. Alcohol. The National Guard. Deserter. With 40 days to go before the election, there should have been 40 awful revelations about George Bush -- one each day, each worse than the one before it.
I repeat, George Bush isn't running for office. So, why are they running against him, not to mention bringing up proven lies? After watching the Green/Doyle debate last Friday, I'm pretty sure the Doyle camp is actually listening to this fool. Go read the whole thing, it's a hoot, and scary. The mind of a lib is a dangerous place!