Thursday, September 07, 2006

Let's Change History

Ok, let's say I don't like something that actually happened, so I want it removed from my grandchildren's text books. Should I be allowed to change history for the entire school system, or even the country for that matter. That's what one parent wants to do in California. Teaching 9/11
Some Muslims say the texts unfairly paint all people of their faith as terrorists. They say frequent references to "Arab terrorists," "Muslim terrorists," "Muslim extremists," or "Islamic fundamentalists" give schoolchildren a negative impression of their religion.
Well, let's see....who were the barbarians that hijacked 4 commercial airliners, crashed two into the WTC, one into the Pentagon, and one into a field in Pennsylvania? Was it blonde haired, blue eyed Swedes? I don't think so. I do believe they were "Arab terrorists", "Muslims terrorists", "Muslim extremists", and "Islamic fundamentalists". Yep, that's who they were alright! Gee, I'm real sorry those kids are given a "negative impression" about their religion, but it sure wasn't anyone from the Union Congregational Church, ya know.
Some scholars say the textbook publishers don't go far enough in describing the horror experienced on that day. They say publishers bend to pressure from Muslim groups to tone down lessons on terrorism carried out with religious motivation.
They should show footage over and over of the events that day to every school kid in the entire country.
Then the book says: "19 Arab terrorists hijacked four airliners." Umbashi says the description is too broad; instead he thinks the book should be more specific about which countries the hijackers were from. A few paragraphs down, the book says investigators began to identify who directed the attacks. "The evidence pointed to a global network, or worldwide interconnected group, of extremist Islamic terrorists led by Osama bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian millionaire," the passage states. Umbashi questions whether Muslims are really behind the plot and he doesn't like the term "extremist Islamic terrorists."
I honestly don't give a happy crap whether this guy likes it or not. If he doesn't, he can go back to where the hell he came from, and good riddance!
"We are in a melting pot and a diverse country. ... This is dangerous."
We USE to be a "melting pot"...we aren't anymore. Newcomers seem to think we should adapt to them, instead of the other way around.
And that leads some people to question whether textbooks should write about events that haven't had enough time to play out their course in history.
Vietnam was in my history book, and it wasn't finished by any stretch of the imagination. Oh, you bet I'm angry! It's bad enough the libs keep trying to change reality to suit their view of the world, now we have a specific religion wanting to put a shine on the rotten apple. Not in my lifetime! H/T: LGF