Monday, September 04, 2006

A Letter to the Editor

The Marriage Amendment is a very hot topic these days. There was a time I didn't think we'd ever need such a law. Common sense told me marriage IS between ONE man and ONE woman. The variation some people want to allow just boggles my mind. As stated in this letter, we HAVE devalued marriage, just as we have devalued so much else in our lives these days, including life itself. Man-woman union is model to follow
Heterosexuals have devalued marriage. The divorce rate is shameful. The marriage commitment is not always honored in practice. But, it is normative, the ideal to which we aspire, precisely because we believe some things are right (faithfulness in marriage), and others are wrong (adultery). Marriage is already reeling because of the effects of the sexual revolution, no-fault divorce and out-of-wedlock births. All have reaped the consequences of its devaluation. However, redefining marriage is not the answer. Your favorite meal may be hamburger, and that's great, but, don't tell me its filet mignon. Our response should be to restore, honor and protect marriage. The late John Paul II gave us an extraordinarily beautiful vision of human sexuality, based on scripture, in his Theology of the Body. Here he gives an explanation of marriage. Christ, our bridegroom, is united to His bride when we accept His covenant with us. We become one with Him. This is the mystical family. To understand, God gave us something tangible on earth for mankind's good and God's glory. A representation of this mystery, He gave us marriage. When a couple says their wedding vows, they make a life long commitment. Those vows are not sealed until the couple consummates those words through sexual intercourse. Those words become flesh as man and woman unite as one. Our creator made them in such a way that only their union can produce this one flesh. Only man and woman fit together perfectly, as intended for marriage. Is it discrimination to deny unqualified individuals the right to fly airplanes? No, just as it is not discrimination to deny homosexuals to marry. Honor and protect marriage. Teach young people the wonder of marriage. Learn more at And support Wisconsin's marriage amendment. Vote Nov. 7 to honor and protect marriage.
Julie Petersen Fond du Lac