Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muslims Want Further Apology From Pope

Question:How many apologies are acceptable to the Muslim world? Answer: NONE! No amount of apologizing will "appease" the laughingly called Religion of Peace.
In Turkey, protesters said Benedict must make full amends before a planned November trip that would be his papacy's first visit to a Muslim nation. "Either apologize, or do not come," read a banner carried by a group of demonstrators from a religious workers' union. Iraq's parliament also rejected Benedict's explanation of his remarks, saying it was insufficiently clear.
Here's a little history lesson:
Whatever undeniable sins Christians committed during their course, the Crusades were essentially a defensive action: a belated and insufficient attempt by Western Christians to turn back the tide of Islam that had engulfed the Eastern Church. "“When accusing the West of imperialism,"” says the historian of jihad Paul Fregosi, "Muslims are obsessed with the Christian Crusades but have forgotten their own, much grander Jihad."” The lands in dispute during each Crusade were the ancient lands of Christendom, where Christians had flourished for centuries before Muhammad'’s armies called them idolaters and enslaved and killed them. If Westerners had no right to invade these putative Muslim lands, then Muslims had no right to take them in the first place.
No more apologies!