Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Obvious Differences

There is a story in the news these days that should highlight the major differences between the Western world, and Islamic theocracies.
Yesterday, a week after her 40th birthday, she made her dream come true. At an estimated cost of $20 million (£11 million), Mrs Ansari became the first woman space tourist after blasting off in a Russian Soyuz rocket from Star City in Kazakhstan.
She's 40? Now I'm really depressed!
Mrs Ansari was 16 when her family emigrated in 1984 as the Islamic Revolution in Iran was at its peak and girls faced a strictly limited future. Her parents said that they wanted her to be able to pursue her passion for science.
As a woman, she would have been stuck in the background of life, an insignificant being used only to produce more of the "dominant" males". Ok, libs.... where's YOUR outrage when women are treated as property? (chirrup)
She arrived speaking only French and Farsi, became an American citizen and quickly immersed herself in the study of electronics, receiving degrees in electrical engineering and computer science at George Mason University in Virginia and George Washington University in Washington.
This truly IS a land of opportunity! Hard work and perseverance have helped this lady achieve her dreams. My point here: If we continue to appease those who want us bowing to Mecca 5 times a day, or cut off our heads, there will be no more women like Anousheh Ansari. There will be no women in public office... local, state or national. There will be no women CEO's or even the opportunity to become one. Will women still be allowed an education of any kind? Wake up people, we are in a war for our very survival!