Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nobody Listens to the UN

The United Nations has told the Sudanese government not to sent troops into the Dafur region. Sudan's response? "Bite me!" Nope, no one gives a happy flip what Annan and his useless body says, except the left wing moonbats who are so worried about the rest of the world thinks of them, they bow to the flag of the UN. Sudan defies UN with plan to crush rebellion in Darfur
President Omer al-Bashir believes that his forces are now in a position to achieve a military victory, despite a promise last month to Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary general, that he would restore stability to the blighted region. (Res. 1701)
I don't think either one can "restore stability" to a wobbly table.
The UN Security Council has voted to send in its own force to take over from the African Union's (AU) 7,000 strong peace-keeping mission, but the Sudanese government has blocked that move and threatened to expel the AU troops.
Where has the UN been while all this has been going on? If I knew about it, and I'm no policy wonk, then why didn't they? YEESH!
It fears that UN soldiers might arrest officials wanted by the International Criminal Court in connection with war crimes in the region.
And? Their point? Yes, those responsible should be held to account, so what's the problem? Could be the officials in Khartoum are in collusion with the animals?
Yesterday, Mr Annan described the situation as "desperate" and told Sudan's leaders that if they continued to reject UN troops, "they are placing themselves in a situation where the leadership may be held collectively and individually responsible for what happens to the population in Darfur".
I repeat...where has Annan been for the last few years? Head..up his... well, you know.
In a letter to Mr Annan dated August 2, Mr al-Bashir made it clear that he believed Sudan should be allowed another chance to resolve the Darfur crisis, despite its previous failures to stem the fighting which has claimed upwards of 300,000 lives.
How many chances should a government official have to restore order in their own country?
Benedicte Goderiaux, a Sudan researcher with Amnesty, said: "These are not just indiscriminate attacks. As the government goes after the rebels they are deliberately trying to create terror to make the civilian population flee. The statements that we have collected all seem to suggest they have gone back to their scorched earth policy."
Oh yeah, give this clown "another chance", since he's doing so well with the civilians, running them off their own land. As usual, turning blue (holding breath) is not something I'm willing to do, especially when it comes to the UN. Read the article, decide for yourself whether or not anything is going to be accomplished.