Friday, September 15, 2006

Not quite a debate

I must admit, it's not often I'll agree with anything in a Capital Times editorial, but this time, I'm questioning why all candidates aren't included in a debate. I mean, after all, isn't that what a debate is all about? To hear the responses of each candidate to certain questions?
Sponsored by many of the state's largest corporations and interest groups - including American Family Insurance, American Transmission Co., Madison Gas & Electric and the Wisconsin Education Association Council - tonight's "We the People" debate will be held at GE Healthcare's corporate education center in Waukesha County.
Instead of having large corporations "sponsor" debates, shouldn't they be covered by the news agencies? I'll admit, I'm not sure how they did it back when, but I do remember watching the Kennedy/Nixon debate, and it seemed to me (very small child that I the womb) that this was an actual NEWS event, and covered by the news...NBC I think. Remember this was a very long time ago, the memory fades with age.
Conveniently for the sponsors, the "We the People" rules for the debates exclude candidates who offer a serious critique of corporate influence over the political and governing processes, such as Green Party nominee Nelson Eisman. The fact that Eisman, who is running a credible campaign, has been refused a place in this debate ought to trouble Wisconsinites of all political persuasions.
Again, I'm baffled. So what if the candidate criticizes something, or someone. If they are civil, then what's the problem? Maybe I'd like to hear what the Green Party guy has to say, and someone unknown person is preventing me from getting all the facts. Isn't it bad enough that we have unions types "urging" members how to vote, without some larger than life entity preventing people from getting information? This is just flat out wrong! It diminishes our democratic process.
Unfortunately, because Doyle and Green rule out all tax increases, even those that are reasonable and appropriate, tonight's "debate" will not begin to address the tax fairness issue. Rather, it will be an empty exercise in political positioning.
Now that's plain nonsense. Doyle loves taxes, and I hope Green points out his phony "tax freeze". Our property tax went UP... a LOT, so guess who I'm voting for. Of course, that is not the only reason. The list is long! But not being able to hear what ALL candidates have to say chaps my hide. I'm not going to vote for Eisman, I don't know a damn thing about him... how could I... even if I wanted to? I want to hear about all the issues pertaining to the office of the governor, not just the hand picked ones!