Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nun Murdered

I remember a time when nuns were respected, some would say feared if you went to a parochial school. The life of a woman who gives her life to serve Christ isn't an easy one, they give up their identity basically, they never marry, have children, and often live in some of the poorest countries in the world to help the sick and extremely deprived, and work long hard hours to minister to the ailing. I'm not Catholic, but this sickens me too. Italian Nun Shot Dead by Somali Gunman, Doctors Say
MOGADISHU, Somalia ‚— An Italian nun was shot dead at a mothers' and children's hospital by unidentified Somali gunmen, doctors said Sunday. "The nun was shot in the back," said Dr. Mohamed Yusuf. "She died of her injuries." The nun's bodyguard was also killed, doctors told The Associated Press. The nun, who has not been identified, was shot at the entrance to the hospital in northern Mogadishu by two gunmen armed with pistols, Dr. Yusuf said. A Somali man, who worked at the S.O.S. hospital where the nun was shot, was also killed. Yusuf Mohamed Siad, head of security with the Islamic courts who control Mogadishu, said they had arrested two people but could not give further details. "We are very concerned about this," he told The Associated Press. "We have arrested two people in connection with this."
Google "nun murdered in Somalia". The hits are numerous. They are NOT tolerant of other religions, no matter what they try to claim. It should be obvious that any form of Christianity is a target of the Islamofascists, with of course, the annihilation of the Jews and the State of Israel. Somalia should have beendealth with a LONG time ago. Does anyone remember "Blackhawk Down"? "Cut and Run Clinton" made sure that the violence in that country escalated by walking away. Those who dragged our soldiers through the streets were civilians, so I don't want to hear about we couldn't do anything. BOOM!! BIG BOOM!! Someone would get the picture. Perhaps I'm irrational this morning. I just know I'm angry, and getting angrier each time I read or hear about atrocities taking place in countries that process to be part of the "Religion of Peace".